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Hardwood Flooring Store in Sarnia, ON

Hardwood flooring is luxurious, inspiring, and brimming with character. It adds enduring value and strength. A carefully selected hardwood floor is a stunning addition to your interiors.

At Custom Floors Carpet One Floor & Home of Sarnia, ON, we’re your trusted destination for hardwood flooring. Our current inventory spans the best hardwood brands. With hundreds of unique options under our roof, you’re sure to find the perfect floor for your home or business.


Best Hardwood Flooring Styles


Hardwood flooring can coexist with any style scheme. Today, there are endless product options, representing every colour, finish, texture, or dimension. From rustic and wire-brushed to modern and glossy, we’ve always got you covered.


Hardwood Flooring Species


Hardwood flooring comes from different tree species. Hardwood can be exotic, like teak and cork, or domestic, like pine or oak. One general rule of thumb to keep in mind: each hardwood species is unique in terms of hardness levels and abilities, so choose with care.


What is Engineered Hardwood?


Solid hardwood and engineered hardwood are impossible to tell apart. Don’t be misled by appearances. These two product families are vastly different in terms of construction. Are you prepared to make the most educated hardwood decision? With the region’s frigid winters and balmy summers, it’s critical to choose carefully.


Made from heavy solid planks, solid hardwood is the original form of this beloved flooring. It shouldn’t be installed below grade. Made from solid chunks of wood, purists prize solid hardwood. It can be sanded and refinished repeatedly. However, solid hardwood requires regular maintenance and a consistent humidity level. It is best left for dry, quiet spaces set on or above grade.


Engineered hardwood offers greater flexibility. Since it’s a manufactured flooring with built-in dense layers, this floor is much more forgiving. It can be installed below grade and tends to be significantly more affordable.

Engineered hardwood flooring is made to look exactly like solid hardwood. The differences lie within its core construction. Engineered planks are comprised of seven layers of natural wood and resin for much denser flooring. A scratch-resistant surface adds ongoing reinforcement. Because of this, engineered hardwood offers moisture resistance and is more durable. It can be installed below grade and is less likely to shrink or expand when the climate turns.


Hardwood Flooring Installation


Solid hardwood flooring is best reserved for quiet, dry settings. A consistent relative humidity level is critical. Engineered hardwood offers up more flexibility. This option is best if you have pets or little kids at home. Choose a 100% waterproof engineered product if you’re installing a floor in a kitchen or bathroom.


Our Hardwood Floor Selection


Custom Floors Carpet One Floor & Home is an independently owned and operated North America’s favorite cooperative member. Please visit us soon at 532 Christina Street North in Sarnia, ON, to check our latest hardwood displays; or browse our hardwood selection online today!



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Caring for Hardwood Flooring

Having hardwood floors requires commitment on your end. Regular maintenance will protect your hardwood investment.
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