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Granite Countertops

Premium Granite Countertops

When choosing a new kitchen countertop, you’ll want to consider a material that is extra durable. Granite is known as one of the most durable materials and features extreme heat resistance. Even though granite is a natural material, it comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose.


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Natural Granite

Granite is not just beautiful but it is also very durable. Before the finished and polished product, granite is harvested from quarries by being chiseled, blasted, and drilled. Granite is a combination of interlocking minerals such as quartz and feldspar. Each piece of granite features flecks of color in each slab caused by the different minerals. The color depends entirely on where the slabs are quarried. This is caused by the different minerals that are compressed together.


How to Care for Granite Countertops

Correct care and maintenance habits are key to keeping your granite countertops looking brand new, and lasting a lifetime they way they’re supposed to. When your countertops are installed, they will need to be sealed. This will help prevent staining and provide scratch resistance protection as well.


When cleaning your countertops, use a soft cloth with warm water and soft soap. Harsh chemical cleaners can erode granite over time. Avoid direct contact with acidic liquids such as lemon juice, as it can cause etching. You should also avoid using granite countertops as a cutting board or dragging heavy appliances across the countertop, as this could cause permanent damage. Although granite countertops are heat-resistant, there are some metal pots and pans that can cause the granite to turn gray or black in that area.


Now you know granite is a very durable and natural material, making it perfect for kitchen countertops. And with all of the options available you will easily find the perfect match for your kitchen. With a little daily maintenance, proper care, and sealing, granite countertops can last a lifetime, and will be definitely worth your investment.

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