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Carpet in Sarnia, ON

Carpet flooring remains one of our most beloved home indulgences. Colourful and ever-comforting, carpet comes in thousands of decadent options, with products for any setting and budget.


You’ll discover an expansive carpet inventory at Custom Floors Carpet One in Sarnia, ON. As the region’s preferred carpet flooring source, we can help you find high-end looks for your lifestyle and space. If you’re considering a new carpet, you’ll want to keep reading.


Carpet Types

Which carpet flooring product is right for you? Before you start planning your updated look, it’s time to answer honest questions about your activity levels, needs, and expectations. The fibers in your carpet- or carpet pile- will dictate how your rug feels and functions. Carpet pile can be synthetic or natural. Each pile type has an impressive list of benefits and challenges. Wool, nylon, and polyester are the most popular carpet piles. All types can be incorporated into weave styles like level-loop, Berber, or loop.


The five fibres are nylon, polyester, triexta, olefin/polypropylene, and wool.


Nylon is a commonly used synthetic fibre that can be treated to become stain and fade resistant. When it is treated, nylon is a stable, soft carpet. Polyester is a more affordable synthetic fibre in comparison to nylon. It is becoming more durable, and because of its chemical makeup repels liquids easily.


Olefin/Polypropylene is a synthetic fibre, often used for patterned carpet. This type of fibre carpet should be installed in areas that are not high traffic to get the best results. Triexta is a naturally stain-resistant synthetic fibre. It does not need to be treated to become stain resistant, which makes it ideal for families with busy lifestyles. Wool is a natural material fibre used in carpet and is known for its softness. It does absorb moisture, so install wool carpet in areas where spills are less likely.


Carpet Installation

Carpet flooring isn’t advised in the bathroom or kitchen, but there are plentiful options for the rest of your indoor spaces! There are waterproof and stain-resistant options to consider, making carpet accessible to parents, pet lovers, and party hosts. Our friendly carpeting specialists can help you find the best carpet floor for your specific needs.


Our Carpet Selection

Custom Floors Carpet One Floor & Home is proud to be a member of the world’s most prolific independent flooring cooperative. We offer the most beloved carpet brands like LEES, Tigressá, and Innovia. Please visit us soon at 532 Christina Street North in Sarnia, ON, to explore our carpet flooring displays, or shop our carpet online today. 


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How to Maintain Carpet

Caring for your carpet flooring is easier than you think. Before you begin cleaning though, double check the warranty provided by the manufacturer so you use the right products to clean your carpets. Follow the link below to learn about different carpet cleaning tips.